As a child I was confined to a wheelchair but today with the help of doctors friends, family and a ton of hard work I now walk with the help of canes or sometimes without any additional support at all.

Topics talk about range from living with a disability and overcoming obstacles to Immigrating to Canada , setting goals and teamwork . If you are looking for a public speaker for an event I encourage you to give me a call. My public speaking often combines my love of comedy and making people laugh with an inspiring or motivational theme. ​

Previous groups I have spoken to include:​

  • Fundraisers

  • Not for profit organizations

  • Government Groups and Organizations

  • After School groups

  • Sports teams

In a teaching, counselling and coaching career that has lasted more than 30 years and allowed me to work with thousands of great kids, Niek Theelen holds a spot in my mind and in my heart that puts him at the top of the heap! Hard working to a fault, determined to find success in everything he attempts, the consummate team player, warm and generous by nature... and funny as heck, Niek is jewel of a person. I am proud to endorse Niek Theelen in any way I can, and humbled by what he accomplishes each day!

Former teacher, counsellor and current friend,

Brian J. Madill

In 2021 I wrote, directed and edited a film called "Love of the Game" with some extremely talented collaborators at Hot Shoe Studios and Porcupine Productions below is the trailer and an interview to promote the film. This project was supported by Telus Storyhive and will be released in December 2021.

Feature Length Documentary Film

"Love of the Game"